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Tree pollen has emerged across the southern U.S. with Florida and Texas facing high levels. Cedar, elm and juniper are the early culprits posing the greatest challenge for allergy sufferers. ___________________________________________________________________________ Widespread flu activity covers the United States with many areas reporting a higher than average number of people visiting their doctor for flu-like symptoms. The primary flu symptoms at this time are body aches, sinus congestion, intense cough and sometimes vomiting and diarrhea. A cough and fatigue can linger for weeks after most symptoms subside. Once the flu is in a household it can spread for up to one week after symptoms start.
“I gave Triple Flu Defense to my neighbor who was very sick with the flu and a serious cough. Within a few days it was over. To watch him heal so fast was outstanding. I tell everyone about your product.” Michele, California 1/16/17